This is just so inspiring.
My school dance is coming up soon..💕 #yabish (at kenzie💃)
I love these.. Especially root beer💁 (at kenzie💕)
This was by far the best part of the whole awards show. @harrystyles you could be in Miley Cyrus’ next music video. (at kenzie💕)
at kenzie💕
at kenzie💕
Ugh guys the celebrities just looked so cute and I just couldn’t resist.. Don’t unfollow💕 (at kenzie💕)
I love this song okay💕 it’s just so pretty


QOTD: What’s your favorite song?
 (at kenzie💕)
Ok omfg their 3year anniversary. Like wut. I’m crying. Theyre growing up so fast. #canteaitforthefreakingmovietocomeout #thisisus 💜💜💜 (at kenzie💕)
I just cried a little. I loved this video. The boys truly have outdone themselves. I loved it💕😘 @niallhoran @harrystyles @louist91 @zayn_1d @real_liam_payne you’re beautiful guys. 🍤🐣 ~Kenziee (at i cant even right now.)
AAAHHHHHH OMG I CAN’T WAIT ASDFGHJKL; AUGUST 30th GUYS AAHHHH!!! Ermahgerrrddd nialls twitter was hacked yesterday night omfg I was terrified but its all good now and I just died the intensity was overwhelming. @niallhoran  ahhh I’m so glad it was fixed! Ugh. Hackers are pain in the arses😉 (his tweet)

If you guys have twitter then you can follow me *hint* 😉 it’s @kenzieebrahh 😋😘
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This is so pretty💕💁   ~Kenziee👯 (at Tumblr)
We’re fixing my lighting in my room .-. #lookingratchet #tothemax #volleyballjersey #oriolessnapback

QOTD: What are you doing today? Eating leftovers?😋

~Kenziee🎉 (at ugh my head looks small bc of the angle)
Yum. Food. 😘 #cookinbruh ~Kenziee🐢
If I had the choice of whether to live in a box isolated from people or have to deal with people every day, I’d choose the box -_-   ~Kenziee☺ (at can you not.)